Central Park Simple Beauty


Many believe in simple things. A little flower staring up at you with such beauty, is a moment to remember.

Sharing the Rain

Breakfast of Champions

Egret Waiting for Sunshine

Central Park, Roseville, Minnesota

Your Walk. 
Your way.

We thought that instead of trying to come up with something new to say about a week that has been awful, we’d open up today’s park walk with this: What’s something good that happened on your walk?

Minature Worlds

Moss is Beyond this World

Walking is Family Time

Geese out for a family walk

What do you see?

Root of a tree

By the River

Curls In The Rain

Walking the Trail

Photographer on the Path

Rain keeps us Together

Walking in Central Park in Roseville Minnesota, is an adventure rain or shine, just take this anything but goslings as proof sitting in the grass. Soaking up the rain!

Our Walks

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