what to do on a walk?

We enjoy all the sounds, smells, people and photograph while we walk along the trails and paths! Stay tuned because you never know where we may be. Feel free to ask us to take your picture! Stay safe when walking or biking!

We capture moments of time for you. We will bring our professional resources to bare on  your professional photograph, live-streaming event or commercial message. We can build you strong online business presence by creating professional photographs, film and graphics for your website to suits your needs.

Traveling Normandale Lake's Trail
Acquainting our senses  

We hope you will enjoy these photographs of Normandale Lake Park! We enjoyed the walk so much, we’ve done it a couple times!

Bubble Bee

Near our walking path

Calling Out to Photograph

We Just had to photograph this beauty

Dinner Time

Mom and dad were close by

Park walk with jens

Passionate photographer

Celebrating a perfect photograph

jens & savannah

Photography is the easy part; planning to get the "Photograph" - yikes!

sharing the
Got it 

Jens and Savannah share the moment
 all photographers and videographers 

WE hopefully Perk your interest 
to take a walk 
Any TIME AND at different PLACEs...

RICCI Media Group, LLC specializes in taking an idea,  conceptualizing , desiging with light and audio for our projects. Start to finish it’s your show.

We Liked This Family Photograph

The Chipmunk Photograph

walk with Friends...


We experience a higher energy level during and after a walk… 
Practice, Practice, Practice

Wellness Begins
With a

of New Freinds


Come True